MEUSAC Activity Week – Making the EU more accessible to you

Article written by Mark Abdilla – Executive, MEUSAC
Published in The Malta Independent – 27.10.2020

MEUSAC will be organising a week of varied activities during the first week of November. Planned activities range from public discussions on EU policies, to student activities and EU funds. The week of activities will serve as a showcase of the different services which MEUSAC has been offering since its re-activation in 2008.

MEUSAC has four main functions, whereby it: promotes dialogue on European ideals, values and action; communicates EU-related rights, policies and funding opportunities to citizens; facilitates a structured consultation process on EU policy with stakeholders; and assists national and local government and civil society organisations to apply for EU-funded projects.

The MEUSAC Activity Week will kick-off on November 2, with an information session focusing on different EU-related services available in Malta. This session will see the participation of the Head of MEUSAC, Mandy Falzon, the Heads of the European Commission and European Parliament Representations in Malta, together with a number of entities which provide EU-related services in Malta.

The next event of the week will take place on November 3 and will feature the launch of a children’s book, ‘Mas-Siġra tal-Ballut’. The book focuses primarily on principles and values of the EU. In preparation for this book, MEUSAC collaborated closely with renowned author Trevor Żahra who wrote a story which has been incorporated in the book. Information about the EU and various practical exercises have been included to complement the story.

On November 4, MEUSAC shall be hosting two different events focusing on EU funding and on sustainable economy. The morning session shall be a training session on the promotion of results of EU-funded projects. This session will be open to NGOs, schools and public entities.

The second event of the day will be a public discussion primarily focused on the European Green Deal, giving the opportunity to citizens to have their say on the future of the EU, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on environmental policy.

On November 5, post-secondary students will be participating in a debate on gender equality. Four groups of students will be discussing various themes on gender equality in the presence of Maltese Members of the European Parliament, including gender political representation, equal access to the labour market, and gender-based violence.

The final event to close off the MEUSAC Activity Week shall be a public discussion with the President of Malta, H.E. Dr George Vella. The discussion will focus on cultural diversity, traditions and values in the EU, as well as the geopolitical implications of migration and climate change.

The various events throughout the week will serve to continue highlighting MEUSAC’s main functions and its important role in connecting citizens to the EU.

If you are interested in learning more about the different events, you may visit the MEUSAC website, or you may contact MEUSAC on or on 2200 3300. You are also encouraged to follow the MEUSAC Facebook page so that you may follow the events as they happen throughout the MEUSAC Activity Week. Due to restrictions resulting from COVID-19, the events will be held virtually.

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