‘A glimpse of certainty in uncertain times’

The EU’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic have strengthened citizens’ beliefs that the EU is the right place to seek out effective solutions to tackle its effects.

This was the main outcome of a public opinion survey commissioned by the European Parliament and carried out towards the end of last year.

More respondents than previous surveys, on average see things on the right path at the EU level in comparison with their own country. But citizens clearly want to see reform of the EU to prioritise poverty and social inequalities and work towards more solidarity.

The main results show that:

  • 91% of Maltese respondents, compared to 72% EU average, support the EU Recovery Plan to help the country’s economy recover more rapidly from the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • 55% of Maltese respondents believe things are moving in the right direction in the EU (39% – EU average).
  • 48% of respondents in the EU want the fight against poverty and social inequalities at the top of the European Parliament’s agenda. This is also a topmost concern for Maltese at 50%.
  • EU membership is a good thing for 63% in the EU and 62% in Malta. 88% of Maltese say Malta has benefited from EU membership.
  • 66% of respondents are optimistic about the future of the EU. The Maltese are the second most optimistic, showing an increase of 10 percentage points since June last year.
  • Only 21% (EU average) believe that the national economic situation would improve over the coming year. The Maltese are one of two exceptions to this, with 42% believing it will be better.

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