EU Funds for the Restoration of the Mtarfa Clock Tower

MEUSAC assisted the Mtarfa Local Council to obtain EU funds under the European Regional Development Fund for the restoration of the Mtarfa Clock Tower and the building of an Interpretation Centre.

The project was presented by the Mayor, Daniel John Attard, in the presence of the Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, Carmelo Abela, the Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds, Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, MEUSAC CEO, Mandy Falzon, and Head of EU Funding, Darren Grasso, the project’s architect, Daniel Micallef, and Senior Conservation Officer at the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, Kenneth Cauchi.

The Mtarfa Clock Tower was built in 1895 by the British Forces as part of the Mtarfa Barracks project and was a great source of civic pride. It is an iconic landmark where one can observe panoramic views of the island.

The project entailed the restoration of the Clock Tower and the clock itself, as well as the building of an interpretation centre are meant to valorise the military history of Mtarfa and the Clock Tower and the era in which it was built.

The building of the Interpretation Centre opposite the Tower includes an auditorium to showcase informational videos about the locality’s history and military past, including surviving infrastructure, as well as a small gift shop. Audiovisual equipment makes it possible for those who cannot go up to the top of the Clock Tower to appreciate the panoramic views.

An exhibition hall (art hub) will also be incorporated in the Interpretation Centre to create an art hub in the middle of Mtarfa, for tourists who are interested in modern art, featuring local and foreign artists.

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