The Future is in your Hands: Conference on the Future of Europe

Article written by Joe Sciberras, Head – Communications and Outreach at SEM
Published in The Malta Independent – 24.04.2021

The Conference on the Future of Europe is a unique and timely opportunity for European citizens to debate on Europe’s challenges and priorities.

From now until spring of next year, citizens from across Europe will have the possibility to provide their views on any topic that they consider important for the future of Europe. Through a Multilingual Digital Platform, citizens will have a digital hub to put forward their ideas, comment on other people’s ideas, create and participate in events. The Platform will be the Conference’s central hub – a place where all contributions will be brought together and shared. By spring 2022, the Conference is expected to reach conclusions and provide guidance on the future of Europe.

The European Parliament, the EU Council and the European Commission have committed to listen to Europeans and to follow up, within their sphere of competences, on the recommendations made.

Who can take part?
European citizens, from all walks of life and corners of Europe, with young people playing a central role in shaping the future of the European project. European, national, regional and local authorities, as well as civil society and other organisations who want to organise events and contribute ideas. All participants shall respect the values established in the Conference’s Charter found in the platform.

Which are the components of the Conference?
The Conference is placed under the authority of the three EU institutions, represented by the President of the European Parliament, the President of the EU Council and the President of the European Commission, acting as its Joint Presidency.

The components of the Conference are the multilingual digital platform, events held by people and organisations as well as national, regional and local authorities, European Citizens’ Panels on different topics, representing geographic origin, gender, age, socioeconomic background and/or level of education, and Conference Plenaries, bringing together the recommendations from the national and European citizens’ panels, grouped by themes. An Executive Board will draw and publish the conclusions of the Conference Plenary.

How to have your say?
Simply access the multilingual digital platform To contribute with your ideas you have to sign-in through the EU Login. If you do not already have an EU login account, go to the page and click on the ‘Create an account’ link on the EU Login main page. Then follow the steps to have an account created for you.

From the Platform you can choose from the comprehensive range of topics listed and let the Conference know your opinion. Your ideas will be collected, analysed, monitored and published on the platform, throughout the Conference. They will then feed into the discussions taking place in the European citizens’ Panels and the Plenaries. A feedback mechanism will ensure that the ideas expressed during the Conference events result in concrete recommendations for EU action.

The final outcome of the Conference will be presented in a report to the three EU institutions.

The Conference’s official hashtag #TheFutureIsYours is an invitation to EU citizens to contribute and define the EU’s future: “The future is in your hands”.

Need assistance?
Servizzi Ewropej f’Malta, together with other partners, will be promoting the Conference in Malta and will also be assisting individuals and organisations to access the multilingual digital platform or to hold events and put forward ideas and initiatives.

Contact SEM on 2200 3300, or

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