Learn how to develop a good project proposal and gain access to EU funding

Article published in Voice of the Workers Weekly – 25.05.2021

Servizzi Ewropej f’Malta (SEM) is a government agency serving as the main point of contact on all EU-related matters. Amongst its various services, SEM organises capacity building sessions on various aspects related to EU funding to increase the organisations’ ability to apply for EU funds with competitive proposals.

These sessions target voluntary organisations (VOs), local councils, schools and other government entities and they provide basic, yet in-depth and experience-based information on the topic covered during the session.

The first capacity building sessions that SEM will organise in 2021 will tackle Project Development by focusing on how an entity should prepare, design and develop a competitive project proposal.

The first session will target VOs and schools and it will be held on Wednesday, June 9.

The second session will target local councils and government entities and it will take place on Friday, June 11. Both sessions will run from 10:00 am till noon and they will be held online.

Interested individuals representing VOs, schools, local councils or government may attend these sessions by registering on info.sem@gov.mt, indicating the organisation they represent.

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