SEM promotes an inclusive work environment, harnessing a flexible and friendly approach towards employees who enjoy equal opportunities to progress. At SEM, we acknowledge our employee’s efforts, loyalty and dedication and foster communication and collaboration, where all employees feel part of the organisation. Our employees work as a team for the benefit of all.

But it’s not just work. There’s a time for everything. We have our fun moments too! The organisation invests in an array of team-building activities and creates fun, social events to nurture and foster connections between employees in and outside the workplace. Our workforce is determined to execute a job effectively and efficiently and is passionate about doing so. All this and more helps SEM employees, the organisations and the people it serves, adjust and interact easily.

EU Careers

Are you interested in pursuing a career within an EU institution or agency? Visit the SEM website to learn more about the different opportunities.

For more information regarding EU careers, you can contact SEM on