Composition of the MEUSAC Core Group

The Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister (Sustainable Development, Social Dialogue and the Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto), The Hon. Mr Carmelo Abela – Chairperson
The Head of MEUSAC, Ms Mandy Falzon – Moderator & Deputy Chairperson
The Principal Permanent Secretary, Mr Mario Cutajar
The Permanent Representative of Malta to the EU, Ms Marlene Bonnici (the Deputy PREU, Ms Kathiana Bonello Ghio)
The Head of the EU Coordination Department, Mr Glenn Micallef

The Chairperson of the Foreign and European Affairs Committee (FAEAC) of the House of Representatives

Member of the FAEAC nominated by the Opposition, The Hon. Dr Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici

The Head of the Labour Party’s delegation to the European Parliament, The Hon. Dr Alfred Sant

The Head of the Nationalist Party’s delegation to the European Parliament, The Hon. Dr Roberta Metsola

Member from the following constituted bodies:

Confederation of Malta Trade Unions: Ms Mary Anne Sant Fournier (Mr Arthur Rossi)
Forum Unions Maltin: Mr Chris Attard (Mr Colin Galea)
General Workers’ Union: Mr Kendrick Bondin (Mr Jason Deguara)
Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry: Mr André Fenech, Mr Charles A. Zahra (Mr Nigel Mifsud)
Malta Chamber of SMEs: Mr Paul Abela (Mr Andrew Aquilina)
Malta Employers’ Association: Ms Maronna Filletti (Mr Joseph Farrugia)
Malta Hotels & Restaurants Association: Mr Tonio Cini (Ms Sarah Abdilla)
UĦM Voice of the Workers: Mr Edwin Balzan (Mr Alan Borg)

The Chairperson of the MCESD, Mr James Pearsall (Executive Secretary, Ms Adriana Chircop)

2 representatives of the Gozo Regional Committee: Mr Joseph Borg (Mr Michael Galea), Mr Joe Muscat (Mr Paul Scicluna)

One member chosen by the Maltese delegation to the European Economic and Social Committee, Mr Charles Vella (Group II)

3 members elected by the civil society organisations participating in the MEUSAC consultation processes, Ing. Saviour Baldacchino, Mr Michael Piccinino, Mr William Spiteri Bailey

The Head of the Maltese Delegation to the Committee of the Regions of the European Union, Mr Joe Cordina

Two members nominated by the Minister for Social Dialogue

Secretary – The Director EU Policy and Legislation (MEUSAC) ex officio, Mr Neil Portelli


*Names in parenthesis indicate substitutes