Consultation Session: Creative Europe

16 March 2017

On Thursday, March 16, 2017 a consultation session on the Creative Europe funding programme was organised by MEUSAC in conjunction with the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government.

Creative Europe is a one-stop shop funding programme aimed at supporting culture sector, media (audiovisual) sector and cross-sector initiatives.

Ms Lisa Gwen Baldacchino from the Ministry of Culture said that those involved in these sectors should make their voice heard by means of participating in a European Commission public consultation on the Programme itself.

She explained that the mid-term review of the programme is under way, emphasising the fact that Malta – being a small country – was at a disadvantage when it came to being awarded EU funds for the culture industry.

The only advantage Malta had in this sector was the fact that an Arts Fund was set up at national level to complement the Creative Programme and support such sectors. This type of fund does not exist in other Member States.

Ms Baldacchino said that the success rate was very low in terms of funds awarded to Malta in these sectors. She said that at times, prospective applicants have been denied funds for a simple point or two.

“Malta needs to instil the importance of making its voice heard by filling in the survey and stating the pitfalls and the areas which are difficult when it comes to funding opportunities,” Ms Baldacchino said.

Creative Europe has become less bureaucratic when it comes to the amount of paper work required to fill in applications, however Malta still stands behind in being awarded funds, bigger countries being at a greater advantage and getting the lion’s share of funding.

“Our artists are no less professional than ones in other Member States,” she said.

The budget for this programme is a staggering €1.46 billion.

Click here to participate in the online survey.

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