Consultation Session: Cross-border Parcel Delivery Services

21 November 2016

Mr Joseph Abela, Director at the Ministry for Competitiveness & Digital, Maritime & Service Economy (MCDMS) gave a presentation on the European Commission’s ‘Proposal for a Regulation on the cross-border parcel delivery services’ during a consultation session that was organised together with MEUSAC on Monday, November 11, 2016 at the MEUSAC offices in Valletta.

The objective of this Proposal is that of making markets work more effectively whilst increasing tariff transparency.

The Regulation will give national postal regulators the data they need to monitor cross-border markets and check the affordability of prices. It will also encourage competition by requiring transparent and non-discriminatory third-party access to certain cross-border parcel delivery services and infrastructure. The Commission will publish the public list prices of universal service providers to increase peer competition and tariff transparency.

The Proposal complements self-regulatory initiatives to improve the quality and convenience of cross-border parcel delivery services linked to the Roadmap for completing the Single Market for parcel delivery.

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