Consultation Session: Malta’s Draft National Energy and Climate Plan

04 April 2019

MEUSAC, together with the Ministry for Energy and Water (MEW) and the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change (MESDC), organised a consultation session to discuss the draft National Energy and Climate Plan.

The aim of the national plan is to establish a strategic planning framework that will guide Malta’s contribution to achieving the Union’s 2030 objectives and targets, primarily in the areas of GHG emissions reductions, renewable energy, energy efficiency and electricity interconnectivity. The establishment of the national plan is a requirement for Member States established by Regulation (EU) 2018/1999, on the governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action.

The national plan looks towards various policy areas and establishes different proposals to tackle national challenges being faced by Malta. Such challenges include the issue of greenhouse gas emissions, the need for a better share of energy generation to come from renewable sources, more energy efficiency measures, as well as the promotion of Research and Innovation.

Stakeholders focused on a number of issues, including the possible penalisation of using heavy fuel oils, energy efficiency in the construction industry, as well as the transition to electric vehicles.

The consultation period will close on April 10, and interested persons are invited to contribute by filling in the online form.

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