Consultation Session: Medium Combustion Plants

23 November 2017

MEUSAC, in conjunction with the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change (MESDC) and the Environment and Resource Authority (ERA), organised a consultation session on the transposition of the Medium Combustion Plants Directive.

The aim on the session was to meet with relevant stakeholders and discuss the transposition of the obligations of Directive 2015/2193/EU, which tackles the limitations of emissions of certain pollutants into the air from medium combustion plants. The Medium Combustion Plants (MCP) Directive will apply to any plant or equipment where fuel is oxidised in order to generate heat which has a rated thermal input between 1 and 50 Megawatts (MW). It will mainly impact installations which operate combustion plants to power or heat their facilities, as well as energy-from-waste plants.

The purposes of this Directive is to regulate, and ultimately reduce sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and dust emissions into the air from MCPs by setting emission limit values for new and existing installations. The Directive also lays down rules to monitor emissions of carbon monoxide (CO).

To reach its objectives, the MCP Directive sets out Emission Limit Values (ELVs) on SO2, NOx, and dust emissions. More stringent limits, in addition to the ELVs, may also be imposed on MCPs operating in areas where air quality is already poor, in order to ensure that the ELVs properly contribute to a noticeable improvement of air quality.

The consultation period is currently open, and the deadline for submission of feedback is Tuesday, December 12 2017. Comments will be received by email on More information may be obtained from the MEUSAC website or from the ERA website.

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