Consultation Session: National Emissions Ceiling (NEC) Directive

20 April 2018

A consultation session, organised by MEUSAC in conjunction with the Environment Resources Authority (ERA) was held on the limitation of emissions of certain atmospheric pollutants regulations 2018.

The aim of the session was to gather information from stakeholders in relation to the transposition of Directive 2016/2284.

It results that the emissions of Sulphur dioxide (SO2) have decreased by 84% over 2005 due to improvements in the quality of the fuel fired, use of the interconnector and the shift to gas.

Emissions of Nitrogen oxides (NOx) have decreased by 48% over 2005 mainly due to higher generation efficiency at the power plant, use of the interconnector, shift to gas and to a minor extent the rejuvenation of the vehicle fleet.

Ammonia NH3 emissions have decreased by 16% over 2005 mainly due to decreases in the number of animal heads.

Atmospheric particulate content (PM2,5) emissions have decreased by 45% over 2005 due to improvements in power generation and road transport sector.

The draft Regulations are currently undergoing inter-ministerial and public consultation and are available here.

Comments will be received by e-mail on, until May 4, 2018.

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