Consultation Session: Promoting Social Inclusion

03 August 2017

The European Commission’s recommendation on promoting social inclusion and shared values through formal and non-formal learning was the subject of discussion during a consultation session organised by MEUSAC in conjunction with the Ministry for Education and Employment.

The structure of our educational system, the need to continue to train teachers and the management team of the schools on how to tackle issues faced by students with certain abilities and how to deal with parents and their concerns, the need for all teachers to be made aware of certain resources such students need to overcome their challenges, the importance of educating students on LGBTIQ issues, multiculturalism and interculturalism, the need for teachers to involve themselves more with students with different needs despite the presence of Learning Support Assistants (LSAs), MCAST’s Pathway Programme, the difference between equality and equity, the giant leaps forward made in Malta where curricula which cater for students with different needs are concerned, the aim behind the concept of colleges in Malta, and preventing violent extremism through social inclusion, were some of the points that cropped up during the discussion.

One of the persons who attended the session suggested that students should be given the opportunity to get engaged in voluntary programmes to get first-hand experiences in relation to multiculturalism and interculturalism – one of the ways forward to amalgamate the two and which goes beyond the curricula.

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