Consultation Session: Sustainable Development Vision 2050 – Environment

10 October 2018

Mr George Said, Director at the Sustainable Development Directorate within the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, highlighted that “in order to tackle the issue of low-skilled workers, Malta would need to invest more in R&! as it did not invest enough when compared to Malta’s population per capita”.

He was speaking on the existential challenges that need to be tackled as part of the vision during a consultation session held by MEUSAC and the Directorate on the Sustainable Development Vision 2050. He said that a number of challenges have been identified, including poverty, which is now impacting different strata of society, an aging population, apart from an ever-growing economically induced population, the rapid increase in tourists visiting our islands, irregular and regular migration-related issues, among others.

Mr Said also said that we would need to witness an enhanced educational system, ensuring good health and well-being for both us Maltese and foreigners living here, and pushing for more integration.

He said that “our vision was approved by the Cabinet a month ago, however the next step was to go from a vision to a strategy”, adding that a number of “other preliminary consultation sessions will be held on the strategy over the coming months”.

He urged more NGOs to participate in the upcoming consultations tied to the strategy.

Meanwhile, an eNGO representative raised the importance of other ministries involving themselves in this vision, strategy and implementation in a bid to help make this strategy come through due to the fact that a number of challenges exist in various areas.

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