Veterinary Medicinal Products

20 January 2017

Following an EU-wide consultation with stakeholders on the revision of the legal framework for veterinary medicinal products, a consultation session was held on Friday, January 20, 2017 with local Veterinarians. The session was organised by MEUSAC together with Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change (MSDEC) and The Malta Veterinary Association (MVA).

The new regulations aim to make safer the consumption by animals of medicinal products while also aiming to prevent unlicensed use of such products and to cut down on unlicensed suppliers of veterinary medicinal products to bring about a level playing field.

Mr Stephen Spiteri and Dr. Andrew Agius from the Veterinary and Phytosanitary Regulations Department, MSDEC, gave a presentation on the proposed regulations.

They explained that changes came about after the EU acknowledged that there was a lack of veterinary medicines, a deficient operation of internal market and high administrative burdens, normally associated with medicines consumed by humans, which, when it comes to animals, are unnecessary.

Mr Spiteri outlined the new measures that the local veterinarians are expected to be in line with once the new proposal comes into effect, such as; the use of antimicrobials, new prescribing protocols, new record keeping systems and the retail of Veterinary Medicinal Products.

The session was well attended by the majority of local veterinary clinics. Furthermore, those present contributed to the discussion and provided MSDEC with their positions on various issues being proposed.

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