Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)

Asylum, Migration and Integration

The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) aims to contribute to the efficient management of migration flows and to the implementation, strengthening and development of the common policy on asylum and the common immigration policy, in accordance with the relevant Union and international legislation.

The Programme contributes to the following specific objectives:

  1. strengthening and developing all aspects of the Common European Asylum System, including its external dimension;
  2. strengthening and developing legal migration to the Member States in accordance with their economic and social needs, and promoting and contributing to the effective integration and social inclusion of third-country nationals;
  3. contributing to countering irregular migration, enhancing effective, safe and dignified return and readmission, and promoting and contributing to effective initial reintegration in third countries;
  4. enhancing solidarity and fair sharing of responsibility between the Member States, in particular as regards those most affected by migration and asylum challenges, including through practical cooperation.

Funding is provided through co-financed grants which vary according to the specific funding call. Typically, the EU grant does not exceed 75% of total project costs, although for projects implemented under specific actions it may be increased to 90%.

Projects funded through this programme need to be implemented by international consortiums made up of legal entities. Eligible organisations include regional, local, and other public authorities, relevant international organisations, non-governmental organisations, such as refugee organisations and migrant-led organisations, as well as national human rights institutions and equality bodies, and economic and social partners. Said legal entities participating within the consortium must be based in a Member State or in a third country that is associated with the programme.

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