EU4Health Programme


EU4Health is the EU’s ambitious response to COVID-19. The pandemic has a major impact on patients, medical and healthcare staff, and health systems in Europe. The new EU4Health programme will go beyond crisis response to address healthcare systems’ resilience.

The European Commission aims to enhance the work on urgent health priorities such as the fight against cancer, reducing the number of antimicrobial-resistant infections and improving vaccination rates.

The programme sets four general goals, including ten specific objectives:

  1. To improve and foster health in the Union;
  2. To tackle cross-border health threats;
  3. To improve medicinal products, medical devices and crisis-relevant products;
  4. To strengthen health systems, their resilience and resource efficiency.


  • disease prevention & health promotion;
  • international health initiatives & cooperation;
  • prevention, preparedness & response to cross-border health threats;
  • complementing national stockpiling of essential crisis-relevant products;
  • establishing a reserve of medical, healthcare & support staff;
  • making medicinal products, medical devices and crisis-relevant products available and affordable;
  • strengthening health data, digital tools & services, digital transformation of healthcare;
  • improving access to healthcare;
  • developing and implementing EU health legislation and evidence-based decision making;
  • integrated work among national health systems.

Grants shall involve co-financing. Grants paid by the Union shall not exceed 60% of eligible costs for an action relating to an objective of the Programme. In cases of exceptional utility, the contribution by the Union may be up to 80 % of eligible costs.

EU4Health will provide funding to eligible entities, health organisations and NGOs from EU countries, or non-EU countries associated to the programme. 

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