European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


The aim of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is to strengthen the economic, social, and territorial cohesion by correcting the imbalances between its regions. For the upcoming funding period the focus will be on projects which are smarter, greener, social and more connected and closer to its citizens. The ERDF is the main programme which the EU has that assists in the infrastructural development of different regions across the EU.

The ERDF will be tasked with supporting investments which meet the 5 policy objectives under the EU cohesion policy, these being:

  1. a more competitive and smarter Europe;
  2. a greener, lowcarbon transitioning towards a net zero carbon economy;
  3. a more connected Europe by enhancing mobility;
  4. a more social and inclusive Europe;
  5. Europe closer to citizens by fostering the sustainable and integrated development of all types of territories.

Although the ERDF will support all of these areas its main priorities will be objectives 1 and 2, with these areas being its main remit. The 2021-2027 ERDF programme will look to increase the competitiveness of European economies through support for innovation and small and medium-sized businesses. Further to this it will look to increase mobility between EU member states and thus increase the connectivity of citizens. Investment will also be made to make the EU greener.

The ERDF in Malta will be based on the Operational Programme developed for this period targeting the general objectives and targets of the Commission. The calls under this programme will focus on the specific needs of Malta when it comes to its regional development. Under the 2014-2020 ERDF, focus was put on projects which looked to boost research and innovation, increased education attainment, targeted the health sector and also improved the uptake of low-carbon technology.

The funding mechanism under this programme works through eligible costs, where the eligible costs highlighted under each call will be financed.

Eligible applicants under this call include public bodies, non-governmental organisations and businesses.

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