Recovery and Resilience Plan

Sustainability, Resilience, Green and Digital Transitions

Malta’s recovery and resilience plan responds to the urgent need of fostering a strong recovery and making Malta future ready, following a crisis due to the pandemic. The reforms and investments in the plan will help Malta become more sustainable, resilient and better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the green and digital transitions:

  • Green transition

In the area of climate and environmental policies, Malta’s challenges include the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decarbonise transport and reduce congestion, make the building stock more energy-efficient and improve waste and water management.

  • Digital transition  

Digital challenges for Malta include differences in digitalisation between large companies and SMEs, as well as digital skills shortages and mismatches.

  • Economic and social resilience

Key macro-economic challenges with an impact on medium-term economic performance of Malta include a shortage of skilled labour, challenges related to an ageing population, and weaknesses in the regulatory and supervisory framework, which prevent businesses from taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by the green and digital transitions.

All reforms and investments have to be implemented within a tight time frame, as the Regulation on the Recovery and Resilience Facility foresees they have to be completed by August 2026.

The plan will be supported by €316.4 million in grants, 53.8% of which will support climate objectives and 25.5% will foster the digital transition.

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