Debate at University on Europe Day

09 May 2018

As part of the activities tied to Europe Day, a debate was held at the University on the future of Europe.

MEP Alfred Sant, MEP Roberta Metsola, MEUSAC Director of EU Policy and Legislation Neil Portelli, and University Prof. Mark Harwood formed part of the panel.

Panel participants were asked about the European identity, where the EU will be in 60 years and the biggest achievements and failures of the EU.

Dr Sant said that there needs to be a focus on the balance of power within the new EU for the next 60 years. There needs to be adjustments because the problem is an increasing tendency for lobbies between states and I don’t believe that burdens are being shared in a just manner.

Mr Portelli said that informed citizens need to engage and be part of the process of the EU. The EU’s biggest flaw is that there are so many uninformed citizens because it’s so complicated.

Prof. Harwood said that the EU has been trying to form a common identity from the 80s, with a flag and an anthem. The EU, he said, should invest more in trying to help citizens better understand what it does. The greatest flaw is a consequence of representing 500 million people is that it’s perceived as an elite-driven process.

Dr Metsola said that Europe is more than treaties, but it is those treaties that remind us where we came from. To add to the positives, the biggest breakthrough was freedom of movement.

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