Eco-Skola Young People’s Summit

15 March 2019

As part of the Eco-Skola programme, Nature Trust FEE Malta, in collaboration with MEUSAC, organised the 9th edition of the Eco-Skola Young People’s Summit.

The Summit gives the opportunity to students (from primary to secondary schools) to voice their concerns and suggestions about their future and how they can ensure a good quality of life. Their inputs were collated into a declaration which was approved by the attendees during the plenary session of the Summit. The declaration will be presented and discussed with Members of Parliament during the 14th Eco-Skola Parliament session that will be organised in a couple of weeks in April.

The three major issues which were discussed during a number of workshops in this year’s Summit were:

  • Too much cars creating a lot of traffic;
  • Marine waste (with an emphasis on plastic waste);
  • Lack of green open spaces because of too much building.

140 students from 28 schools participated in the event.

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