Erasmus+ Study Visit: Multiculturalism

28 November 2019

On Thursday, 28 November 2019, the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) based in Malta, MEUSAC and Europe Direct Valletta (EDIC) held a discussion and workshops at EASO’s conference hall for Erasmus+ students hailing from different countries, including Malta. The discussions focused on multicultural aspects in our schools and beyond. One of the case studies focused on integration in a town (Marsa) with a prevalence of African migrant residents.

The results of the workshops were communicated towards the end of the event and students emerged with a slogan in the form of a question with the title ‘Can you build a bridge today for a better tomorrow? After a number of keywords were selected to form part of the slogan.

Some of the points raised during the workshops included the need for homework clubs for migrants attending schools in Malta who find it difficult to adapt to the curriculum in Malta or face challenges when doing homework, the need for financial help for migrants to be able to integrate better in Maltese society, counselling for students to motivate them and encourage integration, overcrowding as a result of an increase in migrants in Malta, the language barrier, social differences, building a multicultural community, the importance of building a Europe for a better tomorrow, the need for students from different cultures to understand each other, and for all to observe national rules, among other salient points.

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