EU-funded projects in Żejtun through MEUSAC assistance

09 July 2020

Three EU-funded projects in Żejtun, worth more than €60,000 were applied for through the technical assistance of the EU-funding team at MEUSAC. The projects resulted in the restoration of a marble altar and candlesticks at the Żejtun Parish Church, new equipment for the Beland Band Club, and a youth exchange project implemented by the Local Council.

The restoration of the altar of Our Lady of the Rosary and two silver candlesticks at the Żejtun Parish Church cost more than €10,000. The project was carried out by the Fraternity of Our Lady of the Rosary.

The Beland Band Club implemented a €14,000 project to buy new equipment for the teaching of music to the younger generations, and purchased other equipment to improve the quality of the cultural activities which it organises throughout the year.

A youth exchange for youths from Żejtun, Poland, Bulgaria and Latvia, was implemented by the Local Council. The project benefited from €38,700 in Erasmus+ funds.

The Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister responsible for MEUSAC, Carmelo Abela, who visited the three entities on 9 July spoke of the projects as essential to strengthen the cultural elements in local communities and their identity.

Minister Abela was accompanied by Mandy Falzon, Head of MEUSAC and Darren Grasso, Director of EU Funding as well as representatives of the three entities concerned.

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