EU funds to restore theatre at Maria Mater Gratiæ Band Club in Ħaż-Żabbar

24 June 2021

Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, Carmelo Abela visited the band club of the Philarmonic Society Maria Mater Gratiæ in Ħaż-Żabbar to see the ongoing restoration works at the Blue Arena open air theatre within the premises of the Band Club.

The restoration works are funded by the EU’s LEADER programme and were obtained by the philarmonic society through SEM assistance.

Minister Abela was accompanied by the Executive Secretary of the Society, Mauro Xuereb, SEM CEO Mandy Falzon and Head of EU Funding at SEM, Darren Grasso.

Through this project, the façade of the Blue Arena open air theatre is being restored to its original glory, as over the years it has deteriorated, mainly due to weather conditions.

Apart from the restoration works, the band club will be able to purchase and install a shutter system to protect the theatre from natural elements and thus ensure that the inner part of the stage is preserved as much as possible.

The stage of the Blue Arena will also be equipped with the necessary lighting that is used during the activities and events that are organised on the theatre.

The Blue Arena open air theatre was originally built in 1948 and was used for various activities ever since. The EU funded project will make it possible for the Band Club to use the theatre to its full potential.

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