Harnessing Globalisation

01 November 2017

The first event of a series on the European Commission’s reflection papers was held on Wednesday, November 1, 2017.

The events on the future of Europe are part of MEUSAC’s relaunch, to instigate a debate on Europe’s future.

This event included a panel discussion comprising of Andre Fenech – Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry; Abigail Mamo, CEO, GRTU – Malta Chamber of SMEs; Godwin Mifsud, Director General Economic Policy Department, Ministry for Finance and Joseph Seychell, Manager, ICT and Technologies, Malta Communications Authority. The discussion was moderated by Vanessa Macdonald.

The event started off with a speech by Dr Vanni Xuereb, Head of MEUSAC and Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds and Social Dialogue Dr Aaron Farrugia.

Dr Xuereb said that the series of events on the Commission’s reflection papers coincide with a happy occasion for us at MEUSAC – our relaunch – a process that has been going on for some months now and which has led to MEUSAC to be transformed into a government agency and marking another stage in the evolution of MEUSAC which kicked off back in 1999.

The relaunch includes a new logo but also marked the review and relaunch of our operations aimed to take us to a new period in the EU in view of the UK’s exit, he continued.

It is in this context that we are organising these seminars on the reflection papers issued by the Commission which subsequently follow the White Paper on the Future of Europe.

The reflection papers deal with the social dimension of Europe, European defence, EU finances, harnessing globalisation and the deepening of the European Monetary Union.

Dr Farrugia said that the events and MEUSAC’s relaunch come at a symbolic time when the EU is at a crossroads in view of Brexit and other major issues.

“It is now that Malta can help shape the future of Europe,” he said. He also spoke of when he became politically active some 20 years ago when the word globalisation was something new but now is much more than that.

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