Group of young German lawyers visit MEUSAC

10 January 2018

A group of German lawyers visited MEUSAC on Wednesday, January 10, 2018. Dr Vanni Xuereb, Head, MEUSAC gave them an insight of the run-up to Malta’s EU accession, MEUSAC’s re-launch and the roles of the agency.

He also spoke about the local political scenario pre EU accession and the migration challenge Malta faced, especially during the first years of EU membership after the lawyers asked him whether migration is a concern for Malta.

Ms Mandy Falzon, Director, EU Funding, spoke about the funding aspect, the assistance of MEUSAC to local councils, NGOs and government entities in the EU funding application process. She said that since 2008, some 360 organisations benefited from 39 million euro in EU funds.

Mr Joe Sciberras, Manager, Communications and Events, spoke about the fact that as from this year, MEUSAC will be hosting the European Information Centre (EDIC) alongside two other entities for the next three years.

He spoke of the MEUSAC’s pertinent role to communicate the EU message, which is done through our various media channels and events we organise, along with information and consultation sessions.


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