Information Session: New Deal for Consumers Package

27 March 2018

A consultation session was held on March 27, 2018 on the Consumer Rights’ Directive. The session was organised by MEUSAC, in conjunction with the MCCAA – Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority.

Ms Odette Vella from MCCAA spoke about the new proposals which will enhance consumer rights across Member States, including Malta. Once the proposals are approved, consumers will enjoy more rights. She said that the fitness checks – conducted over a period of one year and the half – on current consumer laws are still fit for purpose, however a number of amendments and proposals have been made to enhance consumer rights. It is expected that penalties in relation to consumers who fall victim to breaches when purchasing a product or service will be made heftier. There are also divergences when it comes to penalties imposed by Member States, where some Member States have less hefty penalties than others. This, she said, could possibly change as well.

Consumers in Malta, she continued, have the possibiltiy of turning to the Authority concerned to file a complaint which could eventually lead to an amicable solution between the trader and consumer or could seek redress through our courts in the eventuality no solution is found.

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