Minister Carmelo Abela visits MEUSAC

27 January 2020

On Monday, January 27, 2020 Minister at the Office of the Prime Minister, Carmelo Abela, who is responsible for Sustainable Development, Social Dialogue and the Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto paid a visit to MEUSAC to meet the agency’s employees. MEUSAC now falls under Minister Abela’s remit.

He thanked MEUSAC for its work in communicating the EU to citizens and assisting organisations in applying for EU funds.

Minister Abela said that his ministry will be coordinating with MEUSAC in future to emerge with initiatives.

Minister Abela said that one main aspect that needed to be communicated to the public is that the EU needs to work with other countries as well and not only with countries forming part of the bloc, citing the Africa-EU Partnership as an example.

He said it was vital children and youth are given information about the EU through hands-on activities. In this regard, MEUSAC Head Mandy Falzon said that MEUSAC holds SkolaSajf-related activities for children each summer.

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