Students from Maribo Gymnasium, Denmark visit MEUSAC

11 April 2019

Each year, groups of international students make their way to MEUSAC’s offices in Valletta to learn more about European affairs. MEUSAC staff give in-depth explanations about how the EU works and MEUSAC’s role in this regard.

MEUSAC has three roles: stimulating a debate on the future of the EU, assisting in the EU funding application process, and informing and consulting with the public and stakeholders on EU policy and legislation.

This week it was the turn of Maribo Gymnasium, Denmark.

Students were given a presentation about the EU’s Council configurations and Malta’s EU accession. The students also participated in a quiz which tested their knowledge about the EU.

Some findings of a Eurobarometer survey on the public’s perception of the EU were also discussed with the students, including the percentage of those respondents who said they have trust in the EU or feel they are part of the EU.

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