Upcoming Events

SEM engages citizens and organisations in ongoing discussions and initiatives at EU and local levels through the organisation of information sessions, debates, capacity-building sessions, seminars, conferences, and activities for different ages and interest groups. 

Past Events

Find out the outcome of events organised by SEM and Europe Direct Valletta, including related material and media coverage. 

01 Sep 2022 // 09:00

Information Session: Implementation of EU funded projects

22 Aug 2022 // 10:00

Workshop: Traineeships at the European Commission

19 Aug 2022 // 09:00

SkolaSajf 2022

04 Aug 2022 // 10:00

Webinar: Traineeships at the European Commission

28 Jul 2022 // 09:00

Information Session: EU Funding Opportunities for Social Partners

27 Jul 2022 // 10:10

Dr Chris Bonett visits children at our SkolaSajf activity