Upcoming Events

SEM engages citizens and organisations in ongoing discussions and initiatives at EU and local levels through the organisation of information sessions, debates, capacity-building sessions, seminars, conferences, and activities for different ages and interest groups. 

22 Aug 2022 // 10:00

Workshop: Traineeships mal-Kummissjoni Ewropea

Past Events

Find out the outcome of events organised by SEM and Europe Direct Valletta, including related material and media coverage. 

04 Aug 2022 // 10:00

Webinar: Traineeships at the European Commission

28 Jul 2022 // 09:00

Information Session: EU Funding Opportunities for Social Partners

27 Jul 2022 // 10:10

Dr Chris Bonett visits children at our SkolaSajf activity

26 Jul 2022 // 10:00

Information Session: The EU Data Act

14 Jul 2022 // 10:00

Webinar: Permanent Staff Positions in the EU

14 Jul 2022 // 09:30

Europe Direct Valletta and Gozo host Network of Networks meeting