EU Funding Programme

Apiculture Programme

Recently last month, the Management Committee has approved the Apiculture programme for 2014-2016 in all 28 Member States, co-funded by the EU. The total spending has increased slightly from the 2011-2013 with a budget of € 33.1 million available from the EU budget for 2014-2016.

Each Member State has access to the EU aid scheme by drawing up a three-year period apiculture programme detailing the measures it intends to implement and the expenditure foreseen for these measures.

The level of EU contribution is fixed according to the number of hives in the Member States.

Six specific measures can be funded within the frame of these programmes:

  1. technical assistance of beekeepers and groupings of beekeepers,
  2. controls of varroasis,
  3. rationalisation of transhumance,
  4. analyses of honey,
  5. restocking of hives and
  6. applied research.

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