EU Funding Programme

European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights

EIDHR supports the promotion, development and consolidation of democracy and the rule of law as well as the respect for human rights worldwide. Assistance under EIDHR complements other tools which are used to implement European Union policies for democracy and human rights such as ENI, DCI and IfS.

The Programme aims to contribute to an increased respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and to promote democratic reforms in third countries through support to civil society organisations support. Furthermore, it also aspires to support and enhance the international framework for the protection, promotion and monitoring of human rights, the promotion of democracy and the rule of law and reinforce an active for civil society within these frameworks.

The activities supported by the Programme are: support for human rights defenders; education in the area of human rights and democracy; support for civil society organisations focusing on human rights; fostering cooperation of civil society with international organisations and supporting civil Society activities aimed at monitoring the implementation of instruments concerning human rights; promoting observance of international humanitarian law.

The assistance measures shall be implemented in the territory of third countries or shall be directly related to situations arising in third countries, or shall be directly related to global or regional actions.

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