EU Funding Programme

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships should promote the creation and development of European networks in the field of sports.  They are innovative projects aimed to:
– Encourage participation in sports and physical activity;
– Promote education in and through sports with special focus on skills developments and on EU guidelines Dual Careers of Athletes;
– Promote voluntary activity in sports;
– Combat doping and match fixing;
– Improve good governance in sports;
– Combat violence and tackle racism and
– encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sports
Some of the broad range of activities are as per below:
– networking amongst stakeholders;
– development, identification, promotion and  sharing of good practices;
– activities to increase the competence of multipliers in the field of sports;
– awareness raining activities on the added value of sports and physical activity;
– Conference, seminars, meetings, events and awareness raising actions underpinning the aforementioned activities.