EU Funding Programme

Radio communication and simulation of train dynamics for Distributed Power within long trains

The specific challenges in this proposals are: 1. The challenge in Radio communication for long trains is to develop and implement a GSM-Rbased radio communication system for Distributed Power systems (DPS) in freight trains and to demonstrate it in trial runs up to 1,500 m train-length.
2. The challenge in train dynamics simulation is to identify upcoming and tolerable in-trainforces in different operational scenarios and to integrate this into a safety assessment of the operation of long trains.
The expected result of both work streams to provide a system integration in a relevant environment.
The research activities shall contribute to:
-The development of new business cases through doubling of train lengths in rail freight up to 1,500 m based on Distributed Power technology
– Efficiency gains and strengthening of the modal competitiveness through unmanned operation of one or multiple slave locomotives in the train consist.