EU Funding Programme

Scaling up integrated care

The priority in the area of prevention of and integrated care for non-communicable diseases is on transferring and/or scaling-up of existing good and best practices. The main objective is to support the pan-EU collaboration between health and/or social services actors are national, regional or locals levels with a view to supporting Member States to reach the UN/WHO voluntary global targets on non-communicable diseases as well as the Sustainable Development Goal 3.4.

Integrated care seeks to improve patient experience, outcomes of care and effectiveness of health systems (known as “triple aim”) through linkage or coordination of services and providers along the continuum of care. For patients with chronic conditions in particular, integrated care aims at improving or maintaining an individual’s functional status, prolonging life and enhancing its quality by reducing discomfort caused by symptoms.

Applicants participating in a project proposal have to be different legal entities (i.e., independent from each other) from at least 3 countries participating in the Health Programme.