EU Funding Programme

Semantic framework for multimodal transport services

The specific challenges of this call are the following:
1)Improving performance and scalability of the interoperability framework to sustain a large deployment.
2) Support the market uptake by simplifying/automating all the necessary steps (e.g. creation of ontologies, discovery, annotation, mapping) which are needed to integrate new services and subsystems in the IP4 ecosystem.
The proposals should address all the following work streams, in line with the S2R MAAP:1) Performance  and 2)Automation for an easy integration of new services or sub-systems.
This project will contribute to this objective with two specific impacts:
–  The improvement of the Interoperability framework will ensure that it can reach the requested performance and scalability to become a viable technical backbone for the IP4
multi-modal web of transport
– Automating some of the underlying mechanisms will reduce efforts and costs for the integration of new systems/services/actors in the transport ecosystem.