EU Funding Programme

Support for policy reform – Initiatives for policy innovation

European policy experimentations are transnational cooperation projects and involve mutual learning, exchanges of experience and good practice, evidence building and cooperation among European countries. The objectives of this call are to:
–  Promote trans-national cooperation and mutual learning ;
– Enhance the collection and analysis of substantive evidence ;
–  Facilitate the transferability and scalability of effective innovative measures. Proposals submitted under the call should tackle only one of the following priority themes:
– Promoting social inclusion and shared EU values;
– Mainstreaming and further developing multilingual pedagogies in school education and supporting teachers and their training to deal with diversity in classrooms;
– Digital assessment;
– VET teachers and trainers;
– Implementation of Upskilling Pathways for adults without an upper secondary qualification or equivalent;
– Policies and incentives to support innovative teaching and pedagogical training in higher education, including through open and digital education