EU Funding Programme

Supporting Member States voluntary cooperation in the area of pricing through the Euripid Collaboration

The grant will contribute to further establishing the Euripid database as an effective voluntary cooperation between Member States aiming at increasing capacity within pricing and reimbursement authorities with a view to ensure that health systems can perform better in the area of pharmaceutical expenditure and on pharmaceutical policies in general. In addition, this action seeks to continue supporting the establishment and appropriate use of the data set on medicinal product prices (EURIPID) and on training and technical support to users of the database (helpdesk). Moreover, it will also support the preparation and dissemination of regular newsletters to the users (on the project news but also on all major developments in the field of pricing and reimbursement at local, regional, national, EU and international level).

Applicants participating in a project proposal have to be different legal entities (i.e., independent from each other) from at least 3 countries participating in the Health Programme.