EU Funding Programme

The European Defence Research Runway – part II

This action should aim to provide an effective way for tackling the issue of the critical defence technological dependencies for the EU regarding current and future systems and capabilities. The action needs to address at least the following activities:

(a) Mapping of the ITAR and other non EU sourced components and materials in the systems developed by the EU industry and used and to be used by the EU armed forces.

(b) Identify critical technology building blocks and possibly components for future systems and disruptive capabilities for which European technology non-dependence will be crucial.

(c) Develop a methodology to assess the supply risk of technologies and components of point a) and b) and their criticality for armed forces and the defence industry.

(d) Prepare technology roadmaps, ideally including cost substantiated predictions, and suggest business models for selected technologies, taking into account supply risk and criticality.