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The Pericles 2020 Programme – 2018 call

Counterfeiting continues to be a major threat for the euro. The general objective of the ‘Pericles 2020’ programme (the Programme) is to prevent and combat counterfeiting and related fraud, thus enhancing the competiveness of the Union’s economy and securing the sustainability of public finances.  The priorities to implement the actions of the Programme for 2018 are the following:

1. Supporting activities aimed at improving cooperation among those Member States which are particularly affected by the production and distribution of counterfeits;

2. Fostering cooperation with authorities of those third countries where there is suspicion of or evidence for counterfeit euro production;
3. Maintaining an efficient framework for the protection of the euro in South Eastern Europe;

4. Topical developments: technical developments within the coin processing machines (CPM) industry, the distribution of counterfeits and high quality components on the internet and improving security features of euro coins.