EU Funding Programme

Transversal exploratory research activities and knowledge transfer

This topic aim to strengthening the effectiveness of consensual exploratory research building in Europe, through continuous cooperation among the rail community, including decision-makers, to provide an orientation on the future needs and possible collaborative research on future and emerging innovative ideas. This action will assist the rail-related European technology platforms (ETP) and will foster the creation of expertise and knowledge for the benefit of the future evolution of the rail system while supporting the competitiveness of the European rail sector.                                                                        The expected impact  will be cross-fertilization of knowledge from other disciplines or of disruptive technology and innovation not yet fully applicable to rail; that will encourage the exploration of innovative and unconventional ideas and research directions in rail; the kick-starting of new ideas through dedicated S2R events and overall contributing to the evolution of the S2R activities and the gathering all relevant stakeholders around a common forward-looking activity.