Promoting Improved Social Dialogue in Malta
‘Promoting Improved Social Dialogue in Malta’ (PRISM), carried out by SEM in 2021 and supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021 in the frame of the programme ‘Social Dialogue – Decent Work’, was implemented with the aim of gaining practical knowledge on the Norwegian model of tripartite dialogue and to provide recommendations to improve social dialogue in Malta.

In this regard, the recommendations resulted from the following two components:

  • A comparative study on the Maltese and Norwegian model of tripartite dialogue; and
  • One-to-one interviews with social partners represented within the MCESD, the Gozo Regional Committee and the Civil Society Committee to analyse how social dialogue may be improved in Malta.

Through this project, SEM gained a wider knowledge of the Norwegian model of social dialogue to be in a better position to adopt good practices in the approach to contribute to the development of social dialogue in Malta.

The benefits of the project mainly tie to the information session held with the Norwegian social partners and the recommendations emanating from the desk research and interviews with social partners held by MISCO International. A final seminar also gave the participants the opportunity not only to be acquainted with the recommendations of the study, but also to give their comments on the way forward for social dialogue in Malta.

The recommendations of the study were directly presented to the Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister responsible for social dialogue for his consideration in any future initiatives and reforms in favour of social dialogue in Malta.


Comparative Research on Social Dialogue in Norway and Malta