Project Implementation Support Service

SEM assists organisations in the implementation of EU funded projects
Following the selection of and EU funded project, SEM can assist organisations to:

  • understand the terms and conditions of the Grant Agreement including activities to be implemented, timeframes and allocated budget; 
  • prepare the necessary documentation for the signing of the Grant Agreement; 
  • understand the administrative procedures that need to be adhered to during the implementation of the project; 
  • understand the procurement procedures. SEM may assist in the vetting of tender documents and/or the contents of calls for quotations as the case may be; 
  • be made aware of any risks which could jeopardise the successful implementation of the project; 
  • facilitate communication between the organisation and other relevant entities such as the fund operator; 
  • prepare progress and final reports; and 
  • process payments.

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Resources on Project Implementation

Click here to find a list of information documents on various aspects of project implementation.