A one-stop-shop for EU funding information and assistance

Article published in Voice of the Workers Weekly

One of the benefits of Malta’s accession to the European Union is local entities’ access to EU funding opportunities.

Servizzi Ewropej f’Malta (SEM) eases the process of obtaining these funds by working directly with local stakeholders from application stage up until project implementation, ensuring professional assistance along the entire way.

SEM is a government agency which offers personalised meetings to identify relevant funding opportunities, assists in the writing of competitive project proposals and provides guidance during project implementation.

The Agency simplifies access to EU funding through the provision of information. A number of events are organised throughout the year to provide information on EU funding opportunities and to offer training on the application process for EU funds as well as the correct implementation of EU funded projects.

The SEM website, sem.gov.mt, is updated twice weekly with currently available EU funding opportunities, includes summaries of currently active EU funding programmes and offers a number of informative documents on project implementation.

For more information and to request a meeting with a SEM representative, please contact SEM on 2779 7300, info.sem@gov.mt or visit sem.gov.mt.