More transparent and predictable working conditions for workers in the EU

Article published in Voice of the Workers Weekly

A new EU Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions provides more extensive and updated labour rights and protection to the 182 million workers in the EU.

With the Directive, labour rights and protection are expanded and updated to the new forms of work. The Directive ensures that these rights cover workers in all forms of work, including those in the most flexible non-standard and new forms of work such as zero-hour contracts, casual work, domestic work, voucher-based work or platform work.

With the new rules, workers will have the right to more predictability in their working conditions, for instance regarding assignments and working time. They will also have the right to receive timely and more complete information about the essential aspects of their job, such as place of work and remuneration.

The provisions of the new directive also include targeted provisions on enforcement, to make sure that workers in the workplace can effectively benefit from these rights.

This marks an important step for a strong social Europe and contributes to turning the European Pillar of Social Rights into a tangible reality for millions of workers in the EU.

Find out more about this Directive here.