Promoting Social Dialogue through EU Funds

Article published in Voice of the Workers Weekly

EU citizenship garners several workers’ rights, notably relating to health and safety, equal opportunities, protection against discrimination and other specific labour laws. Social dialogue is an important vehicle to achieve these rights.

Investing in social dialogue is a priority for the EU. In fact under the new programming period 2021-2027, the EU has launched the new Social Prerogative and Specific Competencies Lines (SOCPL) which finances measures aimed at promoting social dialogue and joint actions, including capacity building opportunities, such as transnational exchange of information and good practices, and other analytical activities that contribute to developing expertise in the field of industrial relations.

In 2021, four Calls for Proposals were published under SOCPL, focusing on supporting social dialogue, information and training measures for workers' organisations and representatives of undertakings; and improving expertise in the field of industrial relations. Calls under this programme are open to legal entities (public or private bodies). More calls are expected to be published in 2022.

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