‘State of Health’ in the EU

Article published in Voice of the Workers Weekly

The State of Health in the EU is a process managed by the European Commission aimed at supporting Member States by strengthening the evidence base on health as well as policy development and cooperation at EU level.

The output of this process is delivered in a Companion Report and Country Health Profiles, showcasing some of the most significant trends in the transformation of health systems in the EU.

The Companion Report for 2021 outlines the direct and indirect health impacts of COVID-19, signalling the long-term and complex impact on health systems across Europe. It includes an analysis of the scale of digital innovations used to ensure better and more efficient healthcare services to citizens. The report also highlights the urgent need to address associated shortages of workers and to think in a comprehensive manner about their future needs.

The Country Health Profile for Malta rates the country as second highest in the EU for life expectancy, with high rates of obesity considered to pose a major public health challenge. Commitments to enhance the use of digital health, ongoing reforms to primary care and investment in physical infrastructure and the health workforce will help to build a more resilient health care system.