Study Visit: The European Union and its institutions

From time to time, groups of students visit SEM and Europe Direct Valletta for information sessions about our functions and about Malta’s membership in the European Union.

On March 27, a group of secondary school European Studies students from Marija Reġina College Mosta, accompanied by their teacher, EliClare Mikkelsen, visited our premises and were given a presentation on the institutional framework of the European Union.

To kickstart the session, students were given a brief overview of Malta as an EU Member State and were also provided with some information on the milestones Malta has achieved since its accession and how it is represented in the different European Union Institutions.

The presentation then moved to discuss the functions and responsibilities of the main European Union Institutions, their role and relation to other institutions, whose interests each institution represents, their composition, and their president.

Students were encouraged to participate in the presentation through a number of questions that were asked to gauge their understanding. SEM officials also distributed a number of information booklets, published by the European Union in relation to the subject, which they were encouraged to read as a follow-up to this session.