Promoting Social Inclusion in Isla

Launch of Isla Local Council Project

On May 5, 2022 the Isla Local Council hosted the official launch af their project entitled ‘Promoting Social Inclusion in Isla’.

Isla Local Council received SEM support with the preparation and submission of the application form to acquire funding for this project through the Small Grant Scheme for Urban Localities, co-financed through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

The Small Grant Scheme’s objective is to improve the quality of life and sustainable living standards of residents within urban localities. The project being implemented by the Isla Local Council promotes the employability of youths aged 14-25 who are at a critical age of school education and entry into the labour market. It also addresses adults aged 55 and over (including the elderly) as persons at risk of social exclusion and poverty, particularly as they leave the labour market e.g. due to retirement. This shall be done through investment in equipment for the organisation of educational and social events for these target groups including courses on various topics.

SEM was represented at the project launch by Lynn Spiteri – Manager, EU Funding, who addressed participants to explain the support provided by SEM to the Isla Local Council in applying for funding and also to currently implement this project. Ms Spiteri explained SEM’s role of assisting citizens and organisations to reap the benefits of EU membership including funding opportunities and the guidance which can be provided during the implementation of EU funded projects.

The project launch also involved the participation of the Parliamentary Secretary for EU Funds, Chris Bonett and the Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government Alison Zerafa Civelli, who both commended the Isla Local Council on its efforts to improve the quality of life of Isla residents.